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 United Patent Solutions is a team of extremely experienced patent illustrators who have especially come together to form a company with the sole mission of providing the exceptional patent illustration services just in time with the finest quality coupled with affordable prices.

 We have been providing patent drawing services to some of the well-known, big law firms and manufacturing companies since we were established.

The experience gained by us is reflected in every single drawing that is executed by our esteemed team of patent illustrators.

How we work:

The Production of drawing(s) is a manual-oriented work and is needed to be taken special care for. By keeping the same thing in our minds, we have a separate quality control team. The drawings prepared by our experienced patent illustrator(s) under the compulsory guidance of a senior patent illustrator, so that we have a firm combination of both experience and extreme workforce. As and when the senior patent illustrator approves the said drawings, the same is sent to our unique Quality control team, which reviews the drawings by keeping the respective client in sync with the requirements and guidelines of the patent office for which the drawings are going to be filed with eventually. After the clearance of quality control team, the drawings are then sent for the final approval by the project manager who executes the whole process in a timely and professional manner and which furthermore, gives the final approval by checking the quality of the respective drawings. So, in a crux, there are three levels of QC (Quality Check) executed by us to provide the finest quality to our clients.

Utility drawings:

Our illustrators have the highest experience in handling utility cases in various Technology domains like electrical, mechanical, information and communication technologies and life science. Margins, cross section, lead lines, numberings are adjusted as per the selected patent office’s needs. Special rules are followed for flow charts and bar diagrams respectively and accordingly.

Design Drawings:

The execution of a design drawing is a very hard-hitting task. A little inconsistency in views may result in complete or partial rejection of the application, causing unnecessary delay. By keeping the same thing in our minds, we have a very high-tech enabled team, especially for preparing design patent drawings. Generally, we ask for a 3D file(s) of our client’s product, but not everyone is in a position to provide it, in case of which we create the said 3D model of the desired product by taking references from the inputs and details provided by the client(s) and render the drawing from it to keep minimal or nil traction between the views as possible. Our illustrators have special artistic skills to showcase the shape, contour, and texture of the invention.

Small input can work for a good start:

If you do not have an exact idea of how your product would look or you do not have the exact input details to provide us for the same then don’t worry as we are here to assist you fully on the said subject-matter. We can convert a bunch of small inputs into some of the finest drawings. Also, there are no extra charges for any iterations.

Our drawings are 100% compliant with USPTO/EPO/PCT or as required. We provide all possible output formats with unlimited iterations, Revision delivery within 24 hours.



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